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Welcome, Space Castaways!

Welcome to the largest collection of Lost in Space material on the Internet!

Here you will find a vast collection of images, video, news and Lost in Space fan fiction.

Remembering Jonathan Harris

New Lost in Space Novel Available!

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If anyone would like a FREE copy of the brand new tie-in novelization book, I AM NOT LOST IN SPACE! by Will Robinson, they are up for grabs. Although printed in paperback and intended for sale on Amazon.com, copyright laws prevented the sale of the book just prior to its release date, so  the publisher is now offering FREE copies to anyone who is interested in reading this tie-in novelization based on the original TV series.

This book, written by a Hollywood-based writer who has been writing for film and TV since 1987 and who has also written several other tie-in novelizations (for Warner Brothers and Sony films), I AM NOT LOST IN SPACE! is the first and only tie-in novel based on the original LOST IN SPACE TV series to be published since the Pyramid paperbacks way back in 1967.

The writer does not want cartons of his book sitting in storage, and would rather share them with their intended audience, the fans of Lost in Space, so he is willing to give away the book for free. So now, I AM NOT LOST IN SPACE!, which was to retail for $9.95, is FREE!

All you have to pay for is the actual shipping cost (4.00 for the USPO and 1.00 for a padded envelope, for grand total of 5.00). This 120 page paperback book measures 5.5 x 8.25 (standard trade paperback size). If you would like a copy, you can e-mail the publisher at:


Or simply send 5.00 to the publisher's PAYAPL address:




Lost in Space Videos
on You Tube:

Ballad of Will Robinson - by Bill Mumy

Mark Goddard's J2 Tour

1965 CBS Marketing Film

Kraftwerks - The Robots

Lost in Space Tribute

Lost in Space - The Journey Home


Rodney Hammack



Lost in Space Movie Copyright New LIne Cinema