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The Planets of Lost in Space
Analysis by Charles Mento


  • 10 million light years away is the Keeper's planet
  • Jim Hapgood mentions it is a small planet and one could fit the whole Panhandle (Texas on Earth) into it
  • 91st planet visited by Jim Hapgood
  • There must be spiders since there are cobwebs
  • Plants that seem to be able to spread all over the planet and duplicate everything
  • Soil that can mutate forms of life and end up as cyclop giants
  • A cave with aliens that seemed to originate on this planet Drawings in the cave indicate battles of monsters of some kin
  • Mdutated plants and creatures (some electrical, some man eating)
  • Extremes of heat and cold - but not all year
  • Spring like weather at times
  • Dangerous wind and lightning storms, cosmic storms
  • Bogs of smoke and strange creatures in them
  • Dangerous gases coming from the ground (some of these ionic)
  • The strange orbit - elliptical orbit
  • Electrical forms of life and trees that react to power - HUNGRY SEA
  • Debbie the Bloop
  • A prarie, the Badlands with 2 headed plant bushman and garden
  • Spiny turtles and ostrich like birds
  • A cave with a strange galactic force
  • A way point for a space trader, anti earth men from the 5th dimension and other alien visitors
  • A cave with a warrior alien Kanto from Questi who has been here a long time - he is from another planet
  • An underground city with warriors stockpiled in suspended states - from this planet or not? They know of Earth. They have been here a long time. A sea under the ground.
  • Some bad water that cannot be consumed by humans
  • Fruits which make humans and Bloops grow - in the "bad" water
  • A testing ground for The Ruler's son Quano.
  • A crashed alien spaceship contained the spirit of an alien and the wish machine in some dried out river bed
  • An ocean - the Inland Sea
  • An oasis
  • Relics of the Taurons and their MTUs (WERE THE TAURONS in THE SKY IS FALLING the same ones who left the machine in RETURN FROM OUTER SPACE – the machine that sends Will to Earth looked a bit different; plus Bolix from Tauron (ALL THAT GLITTERS) is                 nothing like the Taurons from THE SKY IF FALLING
  • Some left over Keeper monsters?
  • Drop off point for Robotoid masters
  • An alien mirror which leads to another dimension
  • A good place to grow alien plants that eat people
  • Two moons
  • Bat like bird monsters that scream (WISH UPON A STAR)
  • Cosmic dust pits on a plateau with no bottom
  • Quicksand man eating plant traps
  • Detronium found in ground
  • It can make carbon tetrachloride not toxic to man (hahaha)
  • It is on the other side of the galaxy from SECTOR 6:30 - the Main Season 2 Robinson planet
  • A strong magnetic pull - a strong gravitational pull
  • A cave with a fly faced monster
  • A Red Rock Canyon area that resembles an area outside LA on Earth


I often wondered if the people in the cave-castle were primitives who were visited by telepathic aliens (see the unmade scripts of the pilot where aliens communicate with Judy) who were the same ones that watched the Robinsons in the unaired pilot's ending - at least they looked this way. Or perhaps both races were from this planet - Priplanus.


Anyway, the planet was more peaceful in the past. Until it was visited by Kanto from Questi and his

Slaves – some werewolf like beings - the only ones who knew how to master the berserker Robotoids (of yet another far off, long extinct alien race  - perhaps the Sobrams). These invaders sought to dominate both races of Priplanus  - the telepathic aliens who lived on the surface and gave them a hard time   technologically and the primitives of whom Major Domo was one.  Domo turned in his prince and king and one of them ... the prince was entombed as a symbol to the people not to resist - the tomb Penny and Will later find the skeleton in.


(NOTE: There may have been other races like Zon or the Sobrams involved; in addition, we know weather machines exist - THE SPACE TRADER - so perhaps these weather machines created a lot of trouble on the planet and that stayed when the space family Robinson arrives much later on).


The peaceful telepathic aliens put their memories into the pictures on the walls of the battles going on outside. Outside, Kanto is using viruses to plague the soil of the planet, creating mutant creatures from the tame wild life and plant life (THERE WERE GIANTS, THE RAFT, ATTACK OF THE MONSTER

PLANTS, ONE OF OUR DOGS IS MISSING) and uses duplicating plants to rid himself of the  untrustworthy Domo. The clone of Domo turns on Kanto and escapes with hundreds of the primitives and the princess - the clone was more loyal to the king and the princess. The tele aliens battled to allow the primitives time to escape into the bowels of the planet. Almost all tele aliens were killed off with artificially made storms and wildlife. The tele aliens were able to give some of their technology to the Domo group and hide them. Kanto, in a rage, tried to find the primitives who were put in suspended states - and no

Life readings were found. He made gases, cosmic pits to search the underground, and created even more wild storms and electrical forms of life that would home in on and use power from targets - mostly telepathic targets (as Will and Judy are telepathic to some degree) and the target's hardware (the electrical

Bush creature in ISLAND IN THE SKY) against them.


After Kanto eventually died - killed by the wolf slaves who left one damaged Robotoid and took off with the others - and Kanto was entombed - some of the life forms took on less hostile forms-hence the turtles, Bloops, and less malignant forms of plant life. Even the electrical entities just seemed less warlike and hostile. Eventually many of these friendlier forms dominated the hostile ones but the cycles come and go-with the hostile forms still managing to return and kill off the friendly ones - but both survive.


The tele aliens, before they were killed off, sent out tele messages to any intelligent races that would listen - messages to come to their planet to help. When, at first, none responded, they merely asked –ie - lured or tricked aliens to come their way … by offering the planet as a good place to set up colonies, way stations,

communication stations, hunting and testing grounds, find rare minerals and cosmonium, and set up trading posts (hence, the Ruler, The Keeper, The Space Trader, The Sky Pirate, the alien mailmen in CHANGE OF SPACE, the Taurons, and perhaps EVEN others before the Robinsons crash landed such as Megazor's

race and the last of the Sobrams etc).


Something happens to the clone Domo and his suspension tube - and it makes him power hungry for revenge on Kanto and the wolf slaves. He awakens earlier than the other warriors who were to help him.

Domo awakens all the warriors and starts to train them in war and with the technology of the tele aliens.


The atmosphere of the planet turns the spores on Hapgood's space rocket Travelin' Man into large alien plant-bug monsters that try to swallow Penny and almost Will.  Decontamination would have helped stopped this growth.




Other visitors to Priplanus:

  • Tthe INVADERS FROM THE 5TH DIMENSION from Anti Earth (also one of these is sometimes called the Luminary)
  • Jimmy Hapgood of Earth
  • the Tauron family - father Rethso, mother Moela, and boy Lunon
  • An alien who owned the wish machine, the being now mummified and a spirit perhaps and who visited the planet in the year 1100 perhaps or perhaps a longer time ago (WISH UPON A STAR)
  • A dog from Earth
  • The Keeper
  • Captain Alonzo P. Tucker of Pennsylvania, USA, Earth circa 1876 and his S-Bar bird Nick
  • An alien eye machine that fires a paralyzing ray and the strange alien spacestation and the raisin shaped blob creature from Cygnet 4
  • The wolf aliens who came to the planet in the far past with their Robotoid (s?)
  • Quano and his father The Ruler (the Ruler may have tested on this planet when he was a boy)
  • The Space Trader
  • Andronicans, including their fake humanoid androids
  • THE SPACE CROPPERS - Effra, Keel, and Sybilla and their crops
  • Ohan, Officer Bolix of Tauron and his two animals
  • The strange voice in ALL THAT GLITTERS
  • The alien mailman in A CHANGE OF SPACE
  • Kanto of Questi who must have arrived a long time ago indeed.  





Lost in Space Movie Copyright New LIne Cinema