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Rodney E. Hammack
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"Brutal World - Brutal Punishment"

Kain Belcher of Britain, submits his first Lost in Space fan fiction, picking up the adventure just five months after the Jupiter 2 lifts off from the Junkyard in Space ....

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When Aliens Visit the Robinsons

Only weeks after publishing her first LIS fan fiction, Katherine is back with another winner!.

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Love Among the Stars

The latest addition to the Lost in Space galaxy of fan fiction is a story focusing on Judy and Don.

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Wayne's Back! 

Wayne Eggleston, the author of the amazing "Deliberate Stowaway" returns to LIS fan fiction with another foray into classic  territory.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

End of the Road for Hapgood!

Jimmy Hapgood, an astronaut from Texas turned cyborg, concludes his quest to find the Robinson family.

Hapgood and his spaceship Travelling Man face the ultimate test of self sacrifice in the farthest region of the galaxy.

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Canyons of the Soul

First Fan Fiction Written in Java!

This is the most unusual Jimmy Hapgood story - primarily because of it's unique format.

This episode is written in Java. The story unfolds as a series of computer log entries written by the mechanized Texan.

Your browser must support Java to read this tale - Hapgood's most personal adventure to date.

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 The Title Says it All!

Charles has been sending me tons of material that will eventually turn up in my Lost in Space TV Series web site.

In addition, he has written an amazing fourteen part story that manages to combine the entire Irwin Allen universe - much more!




Five Six Seven Eight
Nine Ten Eleven Twelve
  Thirteen Fourteen  

 Wayne has done an excellent job of capturing the character of Dr. Smith in his story.

Wayne tells me he wanted to capture the feel of a "4th season episode". I believe he did.




Four Five Six

Where Went the Robinsons? Kevin Pellew was the first Lost in Space fan to submit a story for this fan fiction site (other than my original offering).

More than just a Lost in Space story, Kevin's offering developed into a tale of epic proportions.
One Two Three Four Five
Six Seven Eight Nine Ten

Hostile Takeovers This is Don's take on the fate of the Robinson family years after they were last seen on TV in "Junkyard in Space".

Young Will Robinson is now a seasoned 29-year-old dealing with a very hostile galaxy.




Four Five Six
Seven Eight Nine
Ten Eleven Twelve

 This is most likely the oldest bit of fan fiction available!

I wrote this story while the series was still on the air, sometime during the summer of 1967. Although it was tempting to correct some logic mistakes and update it for the 90's, I chose to leave it as I wrote it when I was 14 years old.




A Welcome Shore I challenged Shane Johnson to send me some fan fiction and he emailed me an incredible sysnopsis of a storyline dealing with the aftermath of the Robinsons return to Earth after thirty years in space.

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Dimension of Lost Characters The multi-talented Dwight Kemper has provided some much needed relief from the serious tone of most fan fiction.

In his contribution, he gives a slightly twisted explanation of whatever became of some interesting characters (and props) that appeared on the TV series.

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Jimmy Hapgood Saga





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