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Lost Links

The World Wide Web is strewn with sites dealing with the "first family of space" - the Robinsons. 

Here on this page is a partial listing of the Lost in Space pages on the web. It is, by no means, the definitive list. I expect you and others to inform me of any oversight on my part.

lis memories logo

Ray Dutczak is a veritble fountain of knowledge about Lost in Space!

He is closely associated with the original cast members and has ammased a great deal of interesting material that he now shares at his web site:

Lost in Space Memories

Lost in Space Links Page
A new page devoted to compiling Lost in Space links. Also featured is a listing of Lost in Space fanzines.

J2 Technical Site

Jupiter Two Technical Site
How Well Do You Know the Jupiter? If you're a fan of science fiction's coolest interplanetary spacecraft, this is the place to go. Filled with every conceivable fact and tidbit about the Robinsons' Jupiter Two.

The premier Lost in Space site on the World Wide Web has undergone a major facelift and is better than ever. Visit this site often for a visual treat of the amazing world of LIS collectibles. A great source of information on the classic series and more.

Six Guns' Fan of Lost In Space Page
This is a relatively new Lost in Space page dedicated to the classic series. It currently consists of links and a great photo of two fan-built Robots.

Joey's Lost in Space Page
Joe's page is a beautifully done page devoted to both the Lost in Space series and motion picture. You can even download the Entertainment Tonight segment which aired 05/14/97.

If you're a fan of The Robot (isn't everyone?) you'll love this page. Filled with amazing photos and facts about your favorite LIS hardware.

Sci Fi Channel's Alpha Control
Since the Sci Fi channel has been faithfully airing Lost in Space episodes for several years now, it's only fitting that they feature an LIS web site. Visit this site to experience the Virtual Doctor Smith (my grandson Vincent loves this one).

Friends of Lost in Space
Good page with many Lost in Space links.

Steve Serino's Lost in Space Page
Steve's page is great. Here you'll find detailed pictures of the popular YM3 robot and pictures from the Sci Fi Channel's "Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen".

A very clever page with excellent graphics.

Lost in Space - Brazil
Fernando Ramos' page is a visual treat, with a wide variety of graphics and links. Don't miss this one.

Staffordshire's Lost in Space Movie Page
This is probably my favorite Lost in Space site. Like my own, it concentrates on the feature film version. It includes lots of photos and links to cast member information. Highly recommended.

Contains news, pictures and personal commentary about the movie, stars and toys.

Lost in Space Australia




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