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Fan Essay Winners

In 1998, to coincide with the release of the feature film version of Lost in Space, I put together a Lost in Space essay contest.  I asked fans to write a short essay about what Lost in Space meant to them.  The winning entries are archived here.

I can honestly say that limiting the winners to 30 was one of the hardest things I've ever done. However, here they are. They are ranked in no particular order within their categories. I've also included most of the other entries as well.


Top Five Winners

Don Farnsworth
Scottsdale, AZ

Some 32-plus years ago I was 9 years-old and had just entered the 4th grade. During the late summer months, promotions on TV for a new "space" program about a family in space caught my attention. I can't remember the commercials exactly -- I can conjure up glimpses in my mind, but I do remember telling my mom, "I'm going to watch that!"

I also do remember a warm September, Wednesday night, in Southern California, sitting down with my sisters and parents at 7:30 p.m. and watching (in awe, no doubt with my mouth hanging open) that first episode of "Lost In Space" and becoming totally, absolutely, irrevocably and utterly consumed by the Robinsons, Major West, Dr. Smith and, of course, my Robot (yes, he did become mine that night).

For three years, Wednesday nights were special. Everything stopped for an hour as I glued myself to the tube and blasted into outer space with the Robinsons.

I clipped every "Lost In Space" photograph out of the "TV Times," eventually having an entire wall of photos in my bedroom, over the bed, all within a giant outline of the Jupiter 2 which I made out of yarn. I collected the bubble gum cards, got the "Roto-Jet Gun," the battery-operated Remco Robot, the Aurora "Cyclops Scene" and Robot model kits (two, with one still unassembled), the View-Master episode and the "Switch 'N Go" Lost In Space adventure set, complete with character figurines. Those figurines were probably the most-used toys of my childhood, as I would spend literally hours upon hours concocting my own adventures with them. I guess you could say I was a fan... at the time I was sure there was no one anywhere who could possibly like "Lost In Space" more than me.

When the show was cancelled, I watched the daily reruns on KTLA. Even in my later "cool" teen years, "Lost In Space" had a warm place inside me, and I would secretly break open my well-hidden LIS memorabilia box on occasion to reminisce.

I can't really say the show has had a profound effect on who I am today, but I do know I have always held a special fondness for the show and the characters. But I always wished, and particularly more so as I got older, the show had been written on more of a serious level and that its true potential went sadly untapped. "if only it had been developed along the lines of the original few episode..." But those were the days of "camp," right?

I was elated a few years ago when Innovation Comics picked up the series. For a couple years it was almost like being able to relive a fond childhood memory, as each monthly issue of the comic was produced.

Now, the movie opens tomorrow. Yesterday was my 8 year-old son's birthday. I guess the nut truly doesn't fall far from the tree, because all he wanted for his birthday was "Lost In Space stuff."

Jeff Byrd
Angwin, CA

I watched Lost in Space when it first aired. I played Lost in Space at school with my friend Billy in spite of the teasing. I was John and he was Don. We used the Merry-go-round as the Jupiter 2 and two sheds as the square rocks on Preplanis.

I wrote to the stars and got autographs and pictures and others at school asked me to get them the postcard sized picture of the stars. I had many, now all gone. I called the set and asked to speak to Angela Cartwright (Hey, I was only a little younger than she.) I got her secretary who said she didn't take personal calls but would send an autographed picture. It came. Unfortunately, over the years I lost it. It too is lost in space.

When I first heard of the Bob Dylan song, "Blowing in the Wind," it made me think of Lost in Space. It seemed to apply to their situation. Everything was associated, at that time, with Lost in Space--even Star Trek, with its obviously fake space and planet shots. I made my own Jupiter 2 out of a cereal bowl and saucer. And then the show got cancelled.

When it returned in syndication, I watched it again and again, and even though other clever friends caught the errors, I defended the show, though I admitted the carrot monster was farfetched. With its return I can live those memories again, validate them, and maybe laugh at those who thought the series so silly that it would just vanish like old dust.

Billy, who used to play Lost in Space with me, is gone now, killed as a child, and he won't get to enjoy the new movie. He was as avid a fan as I was. But I have run across another, who also forgave the silly parts and unscientific parts, and we will be able to celebrate Lost in Space again, so much a part of our childhood. Good to know it is not forgotten.

Brian Pruitt
Pompano Beach, FL

Lost in Space means safety & security to me. It takes me back to a time when being innocent was ok. A time when space travel & robots were still new and we could be in awe of it all.

I remember only 2 TV shows from my childhood, Batman & Lost in Space. I remember watching them with the entire family gathered around. Safe & secure. The family has seen members depart, but Lost in Space was always there. Not much difference between my family and the Robinson's, both were warm and caring.

I hope I can pass along those values and love to my child as they were passed to me through my 2 "families" - my real one and my TV one. Yes, the Robinson's helped raise me, helped me turn

out to be the man I am today. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Bruce Pringlemeir
Greenbrier, Arkansas

How Lost in Space saved my childhood

At a young age, I was a outcast and loner. No friends per say, except for Will Robinson and his metal pal, The Robot. Every day I would go off to the woods and have my own space adventure with Will and Robot.

It was Will and the robot thou that helped me grow as a man. The honor, courage and humor I earned from those two help lead me to a life of service. I have since become a youth minister and have worked with the gang problem in 30 cities. I have flavored my sermons to the youths with stories of the ever loving friendship of a little boy and his mechanical man.

Go back, view a few shows and think what it means to have a true friend. God Bless you, Will Robinson!

Bob Davidson
Brick, NJ

A Place in Space

How dim the days of childhood past, of days we hoped would always last.
The dreams before us daily grew, while all along the path we knew
That springs from mind a seed once sewn -- a hope, a dream, a life unknown.
From memories cast of lives unreal, we search for answers and appeal:
Please tell us what became of them, the ones we hoped for way back when.
Both time and space did they transcend, a journey forth to never end.
We long to know the fate of those, whose lives at risk for us they chose.
With hearts in race our waiting ends, and hope from dreams to life now sends,
For what we lost in space back then, is now in place -- in space again.

R.G. Davidson, Copyright 1998. All rights reserved.

Movie Poster Winners!

Chuck Hill
West Bloomfield, Michigan

LOST IN SPACE gives me the opportunity to re-open one of my childhood fantasies involving the realm of outer space. As a young child, the original show intrigued me everytime I watched it. Every show that was broadcast, somehow gave out a true family type value theme behind the storyline.

From the unique giant cyclops monster to the green lady, the show always had intriguing characters that made that show so unique for that point in time. Basically I am glad the new movie has about the same storyline compared to the original television series.

Though the special effects in the original series were limited, it still brought out the best for what the series had to offer. It is too bad a fourth season was cancelled due to budgeting constraints.

Finally I am tickled to pink I can see the latest special effects to a series that I truly loved when I was growing up as a child!

Andrew Clay
Red Lion, PA

Lost in Space was my favorite show when I was growing up. I can safely say that I became a Network Administrator / Computer Geek due to the Robinson family.

When I watch the classic episodes I can see how strongly defined the characters were. The consistent behavior, role models were a positive influence for kids. The monsters/aliens were just a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing the motion picture tomorrow.

33 years old & still a fan.

Juan Sanchez
Jamaica, NY

Lost in Space was a fictional story that showed how much the human mind wanted to explore and pioneer, after all it is not every day a family goes out to the outer limits of space to colonize.

The show also showed how human arrogance and thirst for power could ruin that dream(Mr. Smith). It showed how as much as we want something we cannot accomplish it simply by having the technology to do it, we must also have the mental maturity to handle it.

Lost in Space also showed how in a human crisis we pull together to survive our dangerous environments, we see this when the family is stranded and manages to escape, only to once again continue in their pioneering adventure, hence Lost in space.

Even after all that went wrong everything seemed fine, it seems that the human race was able to get along better in a dangerous situation. Sad but true.

Dennis Arsenault
Fitchburg, Mass

To me Lost in Space means that you never give up on your dreams you keep on going no matter what happens in your life, it does not matter what happens in your life it is how you handle the problem that counts. Take care.

Daryl Avery
Irving, TX

What the return of Lost In Space means to me.

Since my early childhood, I can remember coming home from school everyday and the first show on is Lost In Space. At my age back then I didn't understand what it actually means when "The broadcasting network is canceling the show."

If they ever created an episode showing them returning from outer space back to Earth, then I missed that one and have always assumed they were lost forever.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if NASA lost a family or group of astronauts in space. To this day I often think what would happen if I was part of a group that was lost like the family in the show.

Often I reminiscence about the shows that I watched and I would talk about them to my 9 year old son. This is one show that when I talk to my son about I always have vivid memories about almost every scene.

Just recently, I went to visit a relative in Houston, TX and just happened to catch the old LIS show on TV. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was schedule to go shopping with my wife at that time, lets just say she wasn't too happy when I canceled out to watch the show. Boy was that fun.

I wish that one of the network stations like Fox, TBS, Cartoon Network, etc. would show LIS.

When I saw the previews of the LIS movie last fall, I told my wife that I will see this movie. Seeing this movie will be like a revisit to my childhood.

"Danger, Danger Will Robertson... That does not compute..."

Daniel Galinko
Mahwah, New Jersey

I love lost in space and I wood like a poster.

I am only 6 and I love science fiction.

Please send me some stuff on your movie

A fan.

Tommy Kiser
Dallas, TX

The new "Lost in Space" movie presents a unique opportunity for me. I love the original series, but I've only ever seen it in syndication, due to the fact that I'm only 21 years old. I'm sure there are plenty of others like me.

This movie gives me a chance to be there, to be involved in a major part of the history of "Lost in Space."

We can, for once, feel like we are a part of the legacy of the series, rather than just eavesdroppers on another generations' treasure. That's what this film means to me. A chance to belong to a legend.

Brian Page
Webster, FL

Having become a sci-fi buff as a youngster, I lived to see Lost in Space during its run in the 60s. I thought LIS was the best of the Irwin Allen shows, if a little "campy".

Recently, when I saw the first commercial for the new movie, it really caught my attention. It brought back memories of waiting week to week, as a child, for my favorite shows to come on. When it was the day, my father and I would glue ourselves to a spot in front of the old Admiral black & white TV to watch.

I guess I have some hold-over childhood feelings for the return of Lost in Space. It's sort of a "Gosh what ever happened to those people floating out there forever" feeling, that perhaps will finally be put to rest after all these years.

Paul Condon
Peterborough, ON

What does the return of "Lost in Space" mean to me?

What it means is that the world will finally understand what I have been watching since I was a child. It is something I never thought I would see on the big screen. The show has always been a long-time favorite of mine. I have every episode on tape and try as often as possible to "recruit" my friends and family.

Well, now the motion picture industry is doing the same. It is definitely time that this show gets the recognition that it deserves. I also hope that it is the first in line for a series of pictures.

Michael Bryant
Creswell OR

I am a 34 year old father of three. I have always enjoyed the show Lost In Space and I look forward to taking my son to see the new revised version.

The first black and white episodes of the original Lost in Space were my favorite shows.

These actually had a semiserious aspect which I missed in the subsequent episodes which became more tongue-in-cheek.

I am a man who loves my wife and children and I would risk my own life for their protection. If there is a LIS character I can identify the most with it is professor Robinson who himself would lay his life down for his family rather than have them harmed.

You may rest assured that I will be one of the first to see Lost in Space the movie.

Rob White
Sarnia, Ontario

As a ten year old, I remember running home from school just to watch Lost in Space. It ran for a few years, then all of a sudden Lost in Space was gone.

Years went by and eventually Lost in Space was forgotten. I grew up and became an adult. About three years ago I was leafing through a Columbia House flyer and low and behold - sudden memories. It took me but a second to decide on ordering the video series. The first few tapes arrived and I found myself in a world that has been lost to me since my childhood. A sudden resurgence of youth and innocence.

At night, when I look up into the stars, as I did when I was ten, I find myself searching for the Robinsons. Lost in Space has given me a sense of wonderment, hope and joy. Now the reborn Robinsons are about to take us once again to the ends of the universe. I will be able to regain my glory days of running home from school, instead I'll be running to the theater. As an adult it feels great to bring back the lost kid that lurked within myself.

Richard Kriete
Hazlet, New Jersey

I was 7 years old when Lost in Space (The TV series) premiered. I can still remember my father saying "Hey Rich, there's a new space show on TV".

He liked me to watch new shows since he was in the business of selling TV commercial time. My opinion of a new show helped him in his job. When the pilot came on, I was blown away . everything was so cool.

The Jupiter II and the robot really made an impression. All those lights and switches! Needless to say I chose to become an Electrical Engineer, probably right at that moment. So it looks like LIS influenced the course of my life (Don't tell anyone).

The show had a great perspective toward science, technology and humanity, never negative, always upbeat and positive. I thought and still do that the acting was great. One can see that they were very serious about what they were doing despite some of the way out storylines.

I collect the series videos now. As I watch them with my family, I can still recall the wonder and awe I felt as a child. It gives me a sort of recharge when I'm caught up in day-to-day concerns.

Let's hope the movie does the same.

Mark Askren
Riverside, California

I was about eleven years old when I first saw Lost in Space. I remember that it came on after my usual bedtime, as my parents were usually quite strict about television, but they could not keep me from watching. Nor, apparently, could they, as my father had a passing interest in science fiction.

He was already watching the show when I sneaked up behind the sofa where he was sitting. The episode was "The Reluctant Stowaway." I remember the realism of Alpha Control computers were pretty much unknown to us then, and the layout of the room had just enough verisimilitude to NASA to seem believable.

Then there was Dr. Smith. He was chillingly evil in the first episode, and though he became a baffoon in later episodes, his presence on the show was compelling. I enjoyed the glowing cryostasis tubes and the blast from the laser pistol Smith used to open West's chamber--early special effects, but impressive.

And, of course, the Robot, which became the most interesting character, in my view, as the show continued.

I was hooked. I was gradually able to soften up my parents to allow me to watch regularly. Although the show became more and more silly as the years went by, I never stopped watching and was sad when the show was eventually cancelled.

I always wished that the Robinsons would find a way to their destination, although that would have ruined the premise for the show, and the fact that in those days networks didn't care how a show left the air always annoyed me.

Now that the movie is about to be released, I have an opportunity to find some closure or perhaps to relive some of my childhood. For I find that despite the campiness and the over-the-top acting and the bad props that eventually the show came to represent, it has a warm place in my heart and is a program that I always enjoyed. There was an innocence to it that I have not experienced in a long, long time.

Dana Freeman
Meriden, CT

Lost In Space was a "benchmark" in my life. I remember sitting on the living room floor, my heart beating after watching the commercials, in September of 1965, awaiting the premiere of Lost In Space.

I remember that first night, and every week for the next three years, as my fantasy dreams were answered by the Robinson family. I glued my Mom's melmac plates together to make my own Jupiter 2. "It does not compute" became my mantra long before I was old enough to know the term.

And now, thirty plus years later, my heart is beating again, as I once again anxiously await the premiere of Lost In Space.

Life is Good!!!!!!

Andrew Lehtola
Elgin, TX

The return of this show has been a long wait.

I grew up watching reruns of Lost in Space and enjoyed the show greatly. As a child I would play like I was John Robinson and have friends be the other crew members. The robot was always my favorite character, and I would tune in everyday to watch, even though I knew what would happen since I had seen each episode many times. I had always wanted to have them make a movie, but was always disappointed when I would hear about the setbacks.

Today, now I have kids and want them to enjoy the magic I felt as a child watching the show. Watching the magic through their eyes reminds me of my childhood, and what fond memories I had of it. My own son is just as excited as I am about this film. He and I anxiously await the release. I already bought him the Trendmasters Jupiter 2 and Bubble Fighter. For me, I had to have my favorite character - the classic B-9 Robot.

Daniel Prinzing
Encinitas, CA

The return of "Lost in Space" is like welcoming the Robinsons home after their long voyage. Sure, they've changed a bit, but don't we all over time? This is a chance for me to introduce my son, Hodie (6), to the show I loved as a child.

I can remember waiting for each week's episode! It was the most important day of the week. I seem to remember it being on Wednesdays. How disappointed I was when it was pre-empted by some "Special"! Maybe, I had missed the tag at the end of the previous episode that advised of the "...two weeks from tonight...".

Sometimes I'd swear they didn't mention that. Two weeks between episodes was just too long. Now, after years more of waiting, my friends are back. Bigger and hopefully better than ever.

Will my little boy find the same magic I found? Better yet, will I find it again through his young eyes? I may be watching his face as much as the movie.

All I know for sure is that thirty years is a long time to wait to be a boy again.

Rodney De Luca
Sacramento, CA

The arrival of Lost in Space as a major motion picture is truly a dream come true—sorry for the cliché.

This '60s television series is one of the "things" I remember from my childhood. Born in 1963, I had the Sears Robot given to me for my fourth birthday. I even have home movies which have been transferred to VHS tape. The film shows me playing with the Robot. As I grew up, Lost in Space became my favorite television show.

All my life I have doodled pictures of the Jupiter 2 and I still do. I have grown up with the cast members and feel like they are a part of my family. I will finally get to meet them when I attend the Sci-fi convention in LA on April 3. In addition, I am a fan of Irwin Allen. My favorite film of all time is The Towering Inferno and I am almost fanatical about that film as I am about Lost in Space.

Mark Jones
Norman, OK

I look forward to seeing a remake of Lost in Space because it has so many good childhood memories for me. I was eight years old when LIS first debuted on TV and every week's episode was looked forward by my friends and me. I still remember my mother walking into my room about the time the one-eyed giant was throwing boulders at the chariot. I received a long lecture about how I had better not have any bad dreams that night because of the show I was watching. It was until many years later that I was able to see the seen again to see what happened.

Having seen most of the episodes again over the past two or three years, I am grateful that the movie is supposedly taking the direction it is, e.g. that of a more serious science fiction, adventure story. The camp was fine when you're a kid, but re-watching some of those shows makes me laugh at myself for having enjoyed some of the episodes.

I am counting the days until I'll try to crowd into the theater and see my favorite family get lost again.

Philip Brocco
Randolph, Ohio

I remember as Lost in Space as my favorite all time show. It was a great time to come home from school after an exhausting day. I would start watching TV with a good snack to tide me over till dinner. By the time I had my snack ready, I would come down to the living room, turn on the 1968 color tube television. I would have to adjust the rolling and make sure the knob was at channel 43 in Cleveland OHIO. After that everything was all set!

I loved it because it was a time of innocence, when lessons to be learned was easy and not complicated. I see the morals or the lessons to be learned as dear children watching the show, as what to happen when not following rules, as for Dr. Smith pretty disastrous at times and the times he lured Will in his misjudgments.

It was a clean, wonderful show that didn't have any worldly seductive messages like you find in shows today. As I say it was a time of innocence when life wasn't as complicated as it is today. It is great now that I have got reacquainted with lost in Space with the help with Columbia house. I believe my favorite episode was the Keeper. (A space aged Noah's ARK or should I say spaceship!)

Can't wait for the new movie coming out. It is a Lost in Space fans dream to come true! I hope the best for the movie, I have looked forward for the movie to come out in two years!!! My wait is about over! Its all I have been talking about and I hope with the new movie, hopefully if it does well will launch a new TV Series of the new adventures of Lost in Space. We can only keep it in our hearts and prayers for that opportunity! AMEN!

Chris Augustus
Knoxville, TN

Before I started grade school in the early seventies, I used to watch Lost In Space every afternoon as a syndicated rerun on one of the local television channels. I could not tell time yet, but I knew when the small hand on a clock was near the three, Lost In Space was coming on soon. Few solid memories exist of watching the show except I loved the robot.

Years passed without seeing the show except at SF conventions I attended. Then when I was in college in the late eighties, my dorm room had cable and I caught the series on the USA network. Unfortunately the episodes were cut to pieces but the magic of the show still stirred the kid in me.

Then a few years ago Columbia House offered the series on video tape. I ordered the first tape to see what the product looked like. I was impressed that the episodes were truly unedited and clear. Since then I have received the whole series two episodes a month. Each month I would keep checking the mail box for the next tape to arrive and watch the episodes soon after dinner.

Then I heard that a movie of the original series was being made. At first I thought this was a bad idea. How could anyone attempt to remake the original series? Then as more information about the movie came out, I got more and more interested. Now a day away from the opening, I am as excited as I was when the Star Wars movies were originally released.

What does the return of Lost In Space mean to me? In my mind it never really left me. I was born when the show originally aired, watched it as a child, a college student, and as a "grown up". I've bought a few of the new movie toy and still feel the same thrill I did years ago owning a Star Wars figure. My one year old niece screams with laughter when I make the movie robot talk.

The return of Lost In Space means that I don't have to feel three decades old anymore. Lost In Space and I are still alive and young at heart.

Meghan Riley
Cedarville, MI

I have always been in love with the old series. I was alive when it was first on TV but I now catch it on the Sci-Fi channel. Lost in Space was a beginning of a new era of science fiction. It opened up a science fiction pathway into television and it made people realize the advantages that we got when we sent the first men into space. Not only that, but it was also fun to watch and provoked people to dream.

It means a lot to me to have it coming back on the big screen. The new generations can see it and the people who have never really watched the series can now see what it was all about in a new, updated version. It makes it much more exciting especially with the popular stars and new technical effects.

I hope it makes everybody else as excited as I am to see it in theaters. I'm sure it will be a high grossing film because of all the fans of the series going to see it, including the new ones and from what I've seen, it's going to be very good.

Steve Smithbauer
Weirton, WV

As a boy, I was fascinated with the robot. I received a Remco robot for Christmas that has since become truly lost, but I found another in a dump last summer and rebuilt it. It now adorns my desk beside my other "robot", the computer.

Just as it helped me recapture a portion of lost childhood, I believe the movie will do the same. There are sure to be differences, (which is especially difficult to accept with the beloved "B-9"), but the overall storyline is still the same: The challenges and adventure of space travel, the anxiety and tension of being lost and on one's own with a character nobody could trust, the warmth and support of family through trying times, and especially, the interaction between Will and the robot.

I'm ready to Get Lost again!

Dustin Floyd
Rapid City, SD

What can be said about "Lost in Space?" I know that sounds like a corny opening sentence, but it's true. It was like "Star Trek" - a science fiction TV show appreciated by only a few during its air time as an expression of someone's view of the future, but came back as an "in" thing for a new generation of people to appreciate.

This new movie will give more people of the new generation a chance to see what it was all about - not a special effects fest, but a creative expression of our future.

Michael Ruch
Hamilton, NJ

As a child I grew up watching "Lost In Space" and wishing I could be Will Robinson, exploring space with a robot guardian. The show seems campy now, but back then it was awesome to see spaceships, robots and monsters and to explore marvelous new worlds not seen on TV before.

Now my children will get to see "Lost In Space The Movie" as an updated version of the show and hopefully it will have the same magic for them that it had for me. I still love all the old actors and get a thrill just to see them get together at shows and conventions. I collect all the old memorabilia I can [now I'll have to get all the new stuff] so my kids will have tokens to treasure when they grow up.

The "Lost In Space Movie" is something that should have been done long ago, but better late than never. I’m glad to still be around to see it and hope there will be more to follow.

Robert Toy
>Scarborough, Ontario

I remember being let out of school at 3:30pm and racing home (that is when I didn't have a detention) to make it by 4:00pm. My goal, to watch the only B&W show that held my attention and sparked my imagination. Though I can't honestly say that I have seen all of the Episodes,(DAM THOSE DETENTIONS) I can say I have enjoyed everyone I have see, both then and now.

When I saw the commercial for the Movie, thoughts flooded back in to my head of those days and the joy "Lost In Space" brang to me. I guess what I'm trying to say is the Childhood Memories of "Lost In Space" is something I will always carry with me and now with the release of the Movie it will be that much easier.

Honorable Mentions

Fernando Ramos
Fortaleza - Ceará - BraZil

LIS Return is Just All that I wanted!

Is forty's childhood!

Is the way to see the life back again updated. Simple Happiness!

Frank Mullarkey
Philadelphia, PA

I grew up with Will and always identified with him.

Ray Connole Mckinney, TX

I feel that this is a cheap shallow way to rip a persons soul and rend their most innermost thoughts for a poster. So I'm in.

After enduring Trek Trek Trek. I am glad to see a serious version of my favorite television show when I was a boy. Technology has finally made the great leaps to make real robots instead of props so I am glad to see a real robot for Will Robinson to pal around with.

I am glad that someone finally took the bull by the horns and gave us serious action adventure with more character depth. I want there to be at least two more mega adventures to make this and enduring action trilogy ala Indiana Jones.

Long live Lost in Space and may it finally get its just due in the worlds eye.

Shannon Blalock
Summerville, South Carolina

The return of Lost In Space means alot to me because I watch all the old episodes with my dad and I think they are really cool to watch..plus the

robot is the best..B-9 is the greatest of all robots!!!

Steve Wilson
Hamilton, Ont

I remember watching Lost in Space when I was 7 years old back around 1969, 1970 .. hell it may have been early than that..... I've seen some of the previews on T.V and the effects look good

Looking forward to seeing the film and just sitting back and getting lost in time!!!!

Warning, Warning Will Robertson....... Ha Ha I can't wait!!!!

Mark Chen Port Lavaca, TX

I am one to say, I never really seen "Lost in Space" the TV show. I think the movie looks quite appealing though. With young new actors and actress, this movie could become a hit. The return of any show is very interesting because anyone who follows any show will just want to crave for more.

I wish the movie luck and I will watch it the first day it comes out.

Ryan Winsborrow
Markham Ontario

The return of lost in space hopefully means the return of Sci-fi movies that the whole family can enjoy. I might be too young to remember "lost in space", but since great television stations like "Space" have started re-broadcasting the old show I've become an avid watcher.

There is one thing that is unique about lost in space, that you don't see in any other Sci-fi show, and that is the strong sense of family unity. Hopefully with the return of lost in space (the movie), Hollywood can show that there is more to a great Sci-fi movie, than just great special effects.

R. M. Holmlund
Mt. Airy, MD

What the return of Lost in Space Means to Me

To me, the return of Lost in Space,
Means New and Classic LIS Toys, by the Case
Maneuvering my Toy Robots across the Den
Only with dead batteries will I know to say 'WHEN'
By then it's April 3rd - THE time to hit the theater and join the human Race.

Danielle Frischling
Smithtown, NY

When I did have the science fiction channel I watched Lost In Space. Being only fifteen years old, I am not old enough to have grown up watching the show. From what I did see of the show I liked it very much.

One day I was in the movie theatre and the coming attractions came on, and there it was "Lost in space" My mouth dropped open. To me this movie looks like one of the best movies to come out in Years. I can't wait to see it! The Robot looks fantastic. Also Gary Oldman is one of my favorite actors and I can't wait to see him in the film. I hope very much that I will win this poster so I can have it on my wall.

Callie Racca
Lake Jackson TX

The remake of the movie reminds me of when I was a little girl watching it with my family. I was always in anticipation of when it came on every Wednesday to see what was going to happen to Dr. Smith and Will Robinson, but especially Don West because he was s-o-o-o-o-o cute, and played a fantastic part as the science officer.

Kenneth Burton
Atlanta, Georgia

The return of Lost in Space means a great deal to me in that it continues the resurgence of the classic science fiction creations of the fifties and sixties.

About two years ago, I had opportunity to purchase the first two episodes through Columbia House Videos and was surprised that the original series concept was quite dramatic.

Over the years Dr. Smith had became prominent in my memory, as the defining character of the series. The pilot set the original launch date for the Robinson family in the late nineteen nineties. I had hoped that Lost in Space would have been a self fulfilling prophesy. I think the NASA space Shuttle would have been perfect as a saucer and every home should have a robot like Will's, or Rosy from the Jetsons or the robot from the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still".

Greg Frediani
San Mateo, CA

It's about time!!

I lived for Wednesday nights, channel 5 (CBS), 7:30, right after syndicated "I Love Lucy". I lived for Lost In Space. And I'm so glad the movie is taking after the first season, which was so well written and dramatic. It's great!

Jerome Latimer
Decatur, GA

Since LOST IN SPACE came back I have been real happy cause when my mom was little she would tape it and now I can see the movie because the videos we still have but they are so fragile we can not watch them anymore so when the movie comes out I will be one of the first people in line.

Ryan Read
Sycamore, IL

When I was 4 years old, being babysat at my neighbors, every morning, I would watch Lost in Space. They were old reruns, but I had never heard of it at the time. I watch the entire series, from episode 1 to the finally. I loved all the characters, especially Dr. Smith.

While the man responsible for Robinsons being lost in space, I always loved him. "We're doomed," was always one of the best lines next to the robot say: "Danger Will Robinson". Now at the age of 20, Lost in Space returns for a new generation.

About four years ago, when I heard of New Line Cinema was going to do an updated version of the show, I was excited. If one TV show from the 60's deserved to be brought to the big screen and modernized, it was Lost in Space.

So as the months went by, I read and heard about the cast. William Hurt as the lead, was perfect, he was a big fan of the show when it was originally on, and Hurt has the father, adventurer quality. Then Gary Oldman as Dr. Smith, I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that. Here was one of the coolest actors around, and he was going to be Dr. Smith. I knew he was perfect, Oldman has played the villain so much lately, that he fit right in. I had to remember though, that Smith was not always evil, he just was a bumbler, and used what he thought was best in his own actions. So Gary Oldman was perfect for the part.

The only shocking news was Matt Le Blanc, while I'm a big fan of friends, I was kind of worried when I heard the news. Le Blanc is going to play Don West? I was still pondering the questions, but then I started to see the making of the movie and interviews with Matt, and all my worries disappeared. I say this a great move by Le Blanc, and a great decision on the director's part.

Then of course we have Lacy Chabert from Party of Five as Penny, perfect. No other actress I know could play the rebellious Penny Robinson. As for the rest of the cast, I knew their work, and I was still pleased with their characters. This is one of the those moments when you just have to be in awe. Lost in Space is going to be a fantastic movie, and I'll be first in line for the picture, and hey, I'm going out today to get the soundtrack.

So to all the Lost in Space fans old and new, have fun and enjoy this movie, I know I will.

Kate Cassidy
Ogdensburg, NJ

I have always loved Lost in Space. The TV show was great and now I have a movie to look forward to. The Lost in Space movie is going to be a very important step in movie making evolution. People are going to see that a TV show that used paper mache and tin foil to make their sets and props, can become some incredible blockbuster.

Joe Steiger
Ovilla, TX

I am anxious to see what modern movie making techniques and effects can do to my favorite childhood show. I used to be glued to the TV every Wednesday night to watch this show. The previews really bring back memories.

Jamaal Sumter

Georgetown SC

Lost in Space is about adventure to new planets and see different aliens and other things to see how they live and feel the action about space and the wonder the feeling and the adventure of being lost in space .

Thank you for listening.

Beverly Ng
Araneta University Village
Malabon, M.M.

My essay would not be a typical long one. You see, Lost in Space has really caught me offguard. The first time I heard about this title, I knew and it was also obvious that it's a sci-fi show. During the Lost in Space TV showing the years 1965-1968, I wasn't even born yet. I was just able to watch it through reruns in our local television. I became even more fascinated about science and space.

Now, I heard about Lost in Space coming into film, I was hyperventilating. Not only will I be watching a movie version of Lost in Space, but also I will be watching my favorite stars in it (Lacey Chabert specifically).

There are two main reasons why I would really like to watch this movie. For one reason, the old show would be revived although now in a film. Second, if I liked the old TV show, well, I must love this film because of its more realistic setting (due to computers...what else?).

Probably, the very very very main and one stable reason why we all liked the show and why we all shall love the upcoming film, is because of the intriguing story. The story is the main reason why we watch them. A catchy story, lots of viewers. A boring story, few viewers.

Clifford Carlton
Hillsboro, OR

I am anxiously awaiting the premier of "Lost in Space". Not only because it opens up on my birthday, but also cause I loved the TV series when I was growing up. I also think that they got some good people to take up the roles of the Robinson's, and Don West, as well as the every troublesome Dr. Smith. I was glad to see Matt LeBlanc in a new movie, I have been a fan of his since I first saw him on "Friends".

Dusty Bailey
Durand, ILL

The greatest thing since the electric light! Can you say SEQUEL?

John Waldum
South Jordon, Utah

What does Lost in space mean to me?

First of all ever since it came on the air I have got up and watched it every morning and always wanted there to be a Lost in space movie well now I have my chance . Lost in space is my whole life!!!!!

And it should be yours too.

Cataldo Arvonio
Dunmore, PA

It means (to me) an old classic television show has been brought back to life but on the big screen with a 90's point of view. It is a fabulous movie with special effects that could not be in an ordinary 70's television show. It has more action and it is more thrilling than ever before.

I think this will make more money than the 1995 epic "Independence Day" because this is one sci-fi action flick that absolutely no one will want to miss. It is like an old TV. show that has been reborn with better special effects and sounds to get everyone's attention off of blockbuster hits "Titanic" and "Grease". Thank You

Al Watkins
Arlington TX

At long last lost in space will get a little justice. The show was ahead of its time ( before it went campy).

Remember in episode one, the narrative talked about an overcrowded planet. Sounds familiar already. it had adventure. wonderful props, the chariot and the robot. The Jupiter 2 itself and a wonderful "space family".

I even met Mark Goddard (Did you know his first name is really chuck) and Mr. Harris. Wonderful the both of them. Mr. Harris made a 30 year childhood fantasy come true for me. I just hope to meet them all again, and I live for 4/3/98. to see the LIS movie.

Joshua Farrell
Middlesex, NJ 08846

The return of Lost in Space mean to me a new experience of sci-fi to me. Honestly I never was remotely interested in the old episodes, but the movie struck me as a intense roller coaster ride of an adventure. It also looks striking to me because I've seen that Gary Oldman is in it and I admire his work in The Professional, and in the Fifth Element.

In conclusion, It would be great if I could win a poster.

Mike Rinaldo
Stow, Ohio

I realize this is supposed to be an essay, but, for some reason the return of "Lost In Space" makes me think of only one word, "EXCITEMENT!"

I was so excited when I heard that "Lost In Space" was returning, I could hardly contain myself. Realizing that with today's special effects magicians, this could result in nothing less than an Exciting and Awesome film. A refreshing revival of classic science fiction. I can hardly wait to feast my eyes upon it's release on Friday. "Lost In Space" was full of Imagination , unfortunately this is something a lot of shows on TV lack today. Visions of creative thinking aren't as plentiful it seems, as they were back in the 60's.

A sincere Thank you Is in order , to whom ever is responsible for returning "Lost In Space " to us. That is what The return of "Lost In Space" means to me.

Pamela Eligio
Daly City, CA

I am a big "Lost In Space" fan and have always enjoyed watching all the old re-runs of the show. I try to watch it everyday on the Sci-Fi channel and record my favorite episodes.

My favorite characters on the show were Don and Judy and I had a little crush on Don. I always hoped that they had more romance on the TV series, since they looked like such a cute couple. I hope that the new movie will show more romance between them.

I am looking forward to seeing the movie this Friday and have been anxious to see it since last year. I know that it will many hi-tech stuff on the show, and all the new characters look great. I'm also glad that some of the old cast members are part of it. I hope to meet them someday, along with the new cast members.

Scott Bailey


Major Don West BABY!!!!!!!!!!

Jay Hicks
Windber, PA

The bringing of "lost in space" to the big screen is a very exciting time for me.

In addition to a fantastic story line, the addition of Heather Graham to the crew is stroke of genius. She is a fantastic actress that is just beginning to burst out onto the hollywood scene. Of course, the other choices for the crew were equally genius. But by far the greatest addition is the new robot which is by far is a great technological advancement in the cinema.

This is one movie I am looking forward to see on opening night.

Shelley Omand
Hamilton, Ontario

I remember the original "Lost in Space" shows. I can't wait to see the new movie

and what new adventures are out there with the state of the art effects!

Looking forward to it!!.

Lauren Reed
Dallas, Ga

I don't really watch lost in space that much I'll tell you I love it. The reason I'm glad it's re opening as a movie because I love space and the idea of time travel so I think this movie pretty much covers it.

Frank P. DeCandia
Jersey City, NJ

Lost in Space introduced me to the notion of space travel. It is a constant reminder of the vastness of space, and a tribute to space travel and it's dangers.

Robot will always stand to represent the complex technologies involved in real space travel. While portraying humanity with his sense of humor, and love for the Robinson family.

The Robinsons show man-kind's constant thirst for the unknown, with our need for a "home". Our fragile forms always encapsulated to protect us from hostile environments. Be it the fierce cold of the mountains, the suffocating deep waters of the ocean, or the fierce beauty of lifeless space.

Cory Sheldon
Stow, OH

When I was a bit younger I wouldn't even have to think twice about seeing this movie and

neither would any of my friends. Now, however, it seems that sometimes when I say how I can't wait to see it some people my age (young adult) say how it looks sort of stupid and that it has a silly and campy name.

Unfortunately I don't think many of these people really know much at all about the older, original TV show, or at least this is what I assume. I really liked the show partly due to its almost self-parody and I couldn't tell whether it was supposed to be a thriller or a comedy (I only saw reruns which is why I was a bit confused). This didn't matter though because I liked the show anyway and always watched the reruns.

I think that this new film from New Line will bring what was once meant to be many years ago up to the present for all the unfortunates who missed it way back when. I also am very impressed with what I have seen in trailers and the cast is full of some of my favorite actors, some of who are young and new, some of which are older and making a sort of mainstream film comeback, but all of which are very talented and enjoyable to watch.

I really can't wait until it comes out, it will simply make my week

Colby Rabbit
Carmichael, CA

What it means to me to have Lost in Space come out as a major motion picture is like when Star Trek - the Next Generation came out a version of Lost in Space that has a cool futuristic look to it that makes it appeal to my generation. When you look back on the old Lost In Space it is down right old-fogy looking with its funny space suits and monsters that looked like my kid sister had put them together.

But now with the new movie out with all the cool special effects the whole idea of LIS is reborn for a new generation and through the movie the show can now become what it was meant to be, a great sci-fi trip of epic proportions that will thrill the senses and give the imagination a stimulating jolt. From the really cool retractable mask on Major West to the effect of walking through different worlds, it is just amazing what can be done with an old favorite.

To sum it all up the new Lost in Space is like taking the old one and Putting it on CD-ROM. It just make the concept look and feel much better.

And one more thing, unlike star trek where they kept the same idea but had whole new characters, LIS keeps the same people but puts a 90's twist on them and makes them more appealing! This looks like one of the next great Sci-Fi thrill movies that fans will want to buy the letter box edition when it comes out on tape, I know I will.

Jake Woeste

It is the bomb, it is the bomb, it is the bomb, it is the bomb, it is the bomb, it

is the bomb, it is the bomb, it is the


I have watched the show ever since my forth birth day and loved it ever since.

What could I say, I would love the poster!


Kim Delmedico
New Hartford, NY

Lost In Space was my favorite show as a kid and I still love it I can't wait to see the movie I’m sure ill love that too.

Josh Meeks
Baton Rouge, La

I'm really happy that Lost In Space returned with a smash hit on the big screen. I remember that the last episode was an episode just like any other and they never made it to Alpha Centauri. I was upset when I found out that they would stay lost.

I am hoping for a sequel to the movie soon!

Ryan Law
Rochester , NY

I wasn't alive when the TV series was running, Therefore I am a first time "lost In Space" Fan. I thought it was scary to think that the Earth was going to run out of air and water. I hope we are better with our resources so we can preserve the life we have on this planet. I would like to be one of the members of the team that explores the universe to look for other life and other planets that can sustain humans.

It would be great to see other planets and to take my family on such a great voyage. I would be the pilot of the ship and take them to a planet that rivals Alpha 2. I believe that we will have time machines someday.

Aaron Weismann
St. Louis Missouri

The return of lost in space means a lot to me. I have seen some of the old lost in space episodes and it is amazing how things have changed with it. The old lost in space episodes were one of the first science fiction television shows to come out. I think it and star trek were the first two American "space shows" to come out on TV.

In seeing lost in space the movie on April third I noticed that the crew stayed the same, but the ship, the robot, and the plot had changed.

Chrisitne Maskell
Bradford, Ontario
L3Z 2Y6

I’m not sure what you mean, but I love it - I have see the show and now that I have seen the movie I think it is great. The effects are awesome. The movie was is a one in a life time. It would be cool if the earth was like that in real life.

Robin Bickerdike
Bayfield NB E0A 1E0

I love lost in space. I also think that the return of Lost in Space has aroused many viewers and will arouse many more. I have found many interesting facts about Lost in Space on the computer.

I believe that many people will come to see the movie "Lost in Space". I know some people besides me who would love to see the movie. When I signed the Lost in Space "Guest book" I saw a lot of comments from people who wanted to see the new movie of Lost in Space.

My favorite character in the television series, I would have to say is Dr. Zachary Smith, who is played by Jonathan Harris. I like Dr. Smith because he is always either trying to get back to Earth, or plotting some sort of a scheme which always seems to backfire. I can't wait to see the movie and I hope to win the poster.

Mark Houseman
Lancaster MA

Lost In Space - The Movie is a combination between the old television series and the latest in high tech special effects. It involves the transition between old cast members in cameo roles and new, young cast members bringing fresh life to a familiar story.

The movie incorporates many of the old favorites (look and feel of the craft, voice of the robot, interactive dynamics between cast members, background music) with the best of science fiction movie techniques created over the past several decades.

There is something in this movie for everyone Young, old, even "arachniphobiacs".

David Swann
Reseda, CA

What does it mean to return Lost in Space?

I love watching it as a child. The special effect's that I have seen on the trailers. Would blow anything out of the water. Using the same character's, but a more up-dated version makes it more exciting to watch. The old robot with the new robot makes it more futuristic. I love watching new special effect's.

Danny Nguyen

"Lost in Space" finally brings back what all Sci-Fi enthusiasts have been longing for.

the revival of the 1960's show takes on a new 90's twist as the family's personalities differs from the original, all loving, family format. Moreover, not only did the robot get a new face lift, but the set, costume, and scenario is different.

The Lost in Space of the nineties is totally revived into a unique new Movie that sets the stage for a whole new dimension that is beyond Star Wars or The Fifth Element. This movie introduces all new original costumes and interstellar special effects that is totally dazzling to the eyes.

Furthermore, everything introduced in the movie has a purpose.

Over all, this movie is the type of movie that gives a person such as me inspiration. When the movie was over, I could not help but wonder if all of those gadgets and theories introduced in the movie would be possible within the near distant future. I also left with the deeper sense of respect for my love ones after experiencing the directors perception of how seeing into the future can make a man realize his fault in life.

Chin Hau Boon
Pittsburgh, PA

I doubt I can write an essay now. I can't even contain the excitement. At least, all is not lost.

Welcome home, Robinson family.







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